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Avatars are the celestial and terrestrial powers capable of being called forth by summoners.

Avatars as Allies

Avatars can form pacts that allow adventurers to summon weaker versions of themselves. These "summoned avatars" are only a portion of the avatar's true strength.

Such avatars are capable of using powerful abilities: normal physical attack and Blood Pact abilities--both physical and magical--that require the summoner's MP to use. To maintain the avatar's presence, an Avatar Perpetuation Cost is required every tick.

Avatars as Enemies

Certain beastmen (such as Yagudo or Lamiae) have summoners within their ranks, and are capable of summoning avatars as adventurers do.

In certain instances, avatars also appear on their own to attack adventurers. They may be in a "prime" form (summoned by the avatar themselves), such as Fenrir Prime in "The Moonlit Path" or Carbuncle Prime in "Waking the Beast." It may also be the true avatar itself, such as Diabolos in "Waking Dreams," Bahamut in "The Wyrmking Descends," or a "mystic" form seen in Temenos. There are also several avatars of Diabolos in Dynamis - Tavnazia that appear on their own.

Family Information
Type: Unclassified
Common Behavior: Varies, M
Uncommon Behavior: H
Weak to: Varies
Strong to: Varies
Charmable: Eks.gif
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Susceptible to Aspir
Drain: Susceptible to Drain

[edit] Technical Info for Avatars

  • All avatars except Fenrir have a delay of 320, gaining 8.3TP/hit.
    • Fenrir is the exception as he hits faster with a delay of 280, gaining 7.4TP/hit.
  • Avatars have an innate Physical Damage Taken -50%. This does not apply to magical damage. All avatars are highly resistant to the elements they represent and are strong against.
    • At level 85, physical damage reduction for avatars is approximately -52.4% thanks to Stout Servant, meaning that they will take less than half damage from physical attacks. Tested via the Cactuar version of 1000 Needles, which deals physical damage. All avatars and Spirits tested took 476 damage from 1000 Needles when they were the only target in the area of effect. Source

[edit] The Eight Celestial Avatars

The term "celestial avatar" is a player-given name due to their reference as "celestial beings" and their presence on the Stellar Map as constellations, and that they came before the Terrestrial Avatars in the origin of Vana'diel. In-game they are referred to as the "sleeping gods". Each of the six basic elements is governed by one Sleeping God. Also present in the constellations above Vana'diel are Alexander and Odin, referred to in-game by the epithets "The Dark Rider" and the "Iron Colossus". Although Alexander and Odin are not grouped with the Sleeping Gods in the game's script, the Stellar Chart is evidence of their origins being similar to the Sleeping Gods.

[edit] The Six Sleeping Gods

Ifrit / Ifrit Prime
God of Flames[1]


A blazing incarnation wreathed in the flames of retribution. Ifrit aids the summoner with its command over heat and fire.

Leviathan / Leviathan Prime
God of Tides[1]


A great serpent said to rule over the rivers and the seas. Leviathan aids the summoner with its command over waves and water.

Garuda / Garuda Prime
Goddess of Gales[1]


The queen of avians, said to soar through the heavens on immeasurable wings. Garuda aids the summoner with her command over air and wind.

Titan / Titan Prime
God of Tremors[1]


A legendary giant said to bear the world in its arms. Aids the summoner by shifting earth and rocks with its enormous strength.

Shiva / Shiva Prime
Goddess of Frost[1]


The queen of winter, said to have dominion over the glaciers of the north. Shiva aids the summoner with her command over cold and ice.

Ramuh / Ramuh Prime
God of Storms[1]


A secretive hermit said to be hoarding the wisdom of ages. Ramuh aids the summoner by using his staff to call forth electricity and lightning.

[edit] The Dark Rider and the Iron Colossus

Connected to the Six Sleeping Gods by the constellations above Vana'diel, the avatars known as Alexander and Odin are prophesied to clash in the land of Aht Urhgan at the time of Judgment, "Ragnarok".

The Dark Rider[1]


A dark horseman who it is said will emerge to cause chaos in the Empire.

The Iron Colossus[1]

Alexander small.jpg

The great ancient who it is said will fight against Odin in the age of judgment.

[edit] The Five Terrestrial Avatars

The terrestrial avatars are five powerful gods born of Vana'diel to protect the five mothercrystals. They--like any beast--can die, and if Vana'diel was restored to its original state of paradise, they would be reduced to mere animals.

Carbuncle/ Carbuncle Prime
Bringer of Rainbows[1]


A mysterious ruby said to bring good fortune which takes the form of a small creature and leads the summoner to the other avatars.

Ruler of Dreams[1]


Creator of Dynamis, the Shrouded Land. Diabolos aids the summoner with his command over the power of dreams.

Conqueror of the Skies


The almighty Wyrmking.

Fenrir / Fenrir Prime
Guardian of the Moon[1]


A gigantic wolf summoned by Karaha-Baruha during the Great War, whose power was unleashed in a last-ditch effort to drive back the Shadow Lord's armies from the gates of Windurst. Fenrir aids the summoner with his command over darkness and abilities related to phases of the moon.

Fiery Bird of Resurrection


Tenzen has the Phoenix Blade, which contains the flames of resurrection--Phoenix's life essence. She is believed to be worshiped in the Far East.

[edit] The Temporal Avatar

The term "temporal avatar" is a player-given name continuing in the pattern of celestial and terrestrial avatars, due to Atomos' relationship to time, but unrelatedness to the stars and Vana'diel. In-game, Atomos specifically is referred to by numerous epithets; however, because it is the only confirmed, independent avatar (i.e., not a "clone" such as Tejas or Ogopogo) excluded from the celestial and terrestrial beings, it is given a classification of that vein (stars, the earth, and now time) here.
Fearsome Destroyer of Time


Choosing not, ceasing not, Atomos exists only to return dispensable time to the void.

[edit] Notes

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