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Blue Mage Support Job

Job Overview

Blue Mage, as a support job, will grant the following traits, abilities, spells, and skills.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
50  Burst Affinity
80  Chain Affinity

Obtainable Job Traits

Level  Name  Spell 1  Spell 2  Set Point Cost
8  Beast Killer  Wild Oats  Sprout Smack 5
32  Auto Regen  Sheep Song  Healing Breeze 6
40  Lizard Killer  Foot Kick  Claw Cyclone 4
48   Clear Mind I*  Poison Breath  Soporific 5
60  Resist Sleep  Pollen  Wild Carrot 4
64  Magic Attack Bonus  Cursed Sphere  Sound Blast 3
68  Undead Killer  Bludgeon  Smite of Rage 5
76  Attack Bonus  Battle Dance  Uppercut 6
76  Rapid Shot  Feather Storm  Jet Stream 7
80  Max MP Boost  Metallic Body  Mysterious Light 5
80  Defense Bonus  Grand Slam  Terror Touch 5
84   *Clear Mind I  Poison Breath  Venom Shell 4
84   *Clear Mind I  Venom Shell  Soporific 7

Blue Magic

Main article: Blue Magic

Acquiring Blue Magic

  • Blue Mage must be set as main job.

Using Blue Magic

  • Unlike other magic spells, it is not possible to use Blue Magic as soon as it is acquired. First, the spells you wish to use must be set.
  1. Point Total/Maximum. Each Blue Magic spell is assigned a point value (Blue Magic points). The level of the Blue Mage determines the maximum number of points available for setting spells.
  2. Maximum Number of Set Spells. The maximum number of Blue Magic spells that can be set to be active at one time is also determined by your Blue Mage level. This maximum number may decrease when you are under a level restriction and so the set numbers are assigned a color for easy reference.

Blue Magic Limits

Level Blue Magic Points Spell Set Max.
1 - 21 10 6
22 - 41 15 8
42 - 61 20 10
62 - 80 25 12
82 - 85 30 14

Spell List

Magical Spells listed in bold do not rely on Blue Magic Skill for Magic Accuracy or Potency of effect.
Physical Spells are based off of weapon Accuracy instead of Magic Accuracy, and are thus exempt from this bolding.

Level  Spell  Type
1  Sandspin M
1  Pollen M
1  Foot Kick S
8  Power Attack B
8  Sprout Smack B
8  Wild Oats P
16  Metallic Body M
16  Cocoon M
16  Queasyshroom P
24  Battle Dance S
Level  Spell  Type
24  Head Butt B
24  Feather Storm P
32  Helldive B
32  Healing Breeze M
32  Sheep Song M
36  Bludgeon B
36  Cursed Sphere M
36  Blastbomb M
40  Blood Drain M
40  Claw Cyclone S
Level  Spell  Type
44  Poison Breath* M
48  Soporific M
52  Screwdriver P
56  Bomb Toss M
60  Wild Carrot M
60  Grand Slam B
64  Sound Blast M
64  Chaotic Eye M
68  Death Ray M
68  Smite of Rage S
Level  Spell  Type
72  Digest M
72  Pinecone Bomb P
76  Blank Gaze M
76  Jet Stream B
76  Uppercut B
80  Mysterious Light M
80  Terror Touch B
84  Venom Shell M
84  MP Drainkiss M
M  Magic B  Blunt P  Piercing S  Slashing
M  Light Magic M  Fire Magic M  Lightning Magic M  Wind Magic
M  Dark Magic M  Earth Magic M  Water Magic M  Ice Magic

* Poison Breath's damage is partially modified by Blue Mage level instead of main job level, but not by Blue Magic Skill.

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 85
 Sword A- 6 129
 Club B- 5 123
 Parrying D 4 114

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 85
 Blue Magic A+ 6 129

Support Job-activated Equipment

Support Job-activated Equipment
Level Item Slot Equipment Latent Effect
60 Ear Immortal's Earring  Blue Magic Skill +5
60 Back Immortal's Cape  Enhances "Resist Sleep" Effect

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