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Blue Mage

Job Overview

Blue Mage

After finishing the An Empty Vessel quest, a Blue Mage (BLU) can employ the legendary arts of the Aht Urhgan Immortals, a unit of elite imperial special forces. These formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies from afar with fell magic mastered from their opponents.
Blue Mages are a versatile melee-mage hybrid job. Through the careful setting and application of blue magic spells, this job can adapt to almost any situation. They also have access to a wide range of Job Traits.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Azure Lore
25  Burst Affinity
40  Chain Affinity
75 (Merit)  Convergence
75 (Merit)  Diffusion
83  Efflux
95  Unbridled Knowledge*
  • *Due to limited space on the menu, the job ability Unbridled Knowledge is named Unbridled Learning.

Job Traits

Level  Name
75 (Merit)  Enchainment
75 (Merit)  Assimilation

Group 1 Merits

Level  Name
Merit  Chain Affinity Recast
Merit  Burst Affinity Recast
Merit  Monster Correlation
Merit  Physical Potency
Merit  Magical Accuracy

Blue Magic

Main article: Blue Magic

Using Blue Magic

  • Unlike other magic spells, it is not possible to use Blue Magic as soon as it is acquired. First, the spells you wish to use must be set.
  1. Point Total/Maximum. Each Blue Magic spell is assigned a point value (Blue Magic Points). The level of the Blue Mage determines the maximum number of points available for setting spells.
  2. Maximum Number of Set Spells. The maximum number of Blue Magic spells that can be set to be active at one time is also determined by the Blue Mage's level. This maximum number may decrease when the Blue Mage is under a level restriction and so the set numbers are assigned a color for easy reference.

Blue Magic Limits

Level Blue Magic Points Spell Set Max.
1 - 10 10 6
11 - 20 15 8
21 - 30 20 10
31 - 40 25 12
41 - 50 30 14
51 - 60 35 16
61 - 70 40 18
71 - 80 45 20
81 - 90 50 20
91 - 99 55 20
75+, with Assimilation +1~5
(max 60 at 91+)

Spell List

Lvl  Spell Type
1  Sandspin M
1  Pollen M
1  Foot Kick S
4  Power Attack B
4  Sprout Smack B
4  Wild Oats P
8  Metallic Body M
8  Cocoon M
8  Queasyshroom P
12  Battle Dance S
12  Head Butt B
12  Feather Storm P
16  Helldive B
16  Healing Breeze M
16  Sheep Song M
18  Bludgeon B
18  Cursed Sphere M
18  Blastbomb M
20  Blood Drain M
20  Claw Cyclone S
22  Poison Breath M
24  Soporific M
26  Screwdriver P
28  Bomb Toss M
30  Wild Carrot M
30  Grand Slam B
32  Sound Blast M
32  Chaotic Eye M
34  Death Ray M
34  Smite of Rage S
36  Digest M
36  Pinecone Bomb P
38  Blank Gaze M
38  Jet Stream B
38  Uppercut B
40  Mysterious Light M
40  Terror Touch B
42  Venom Shell M
42  MP Drainkiss M
44  Blitzstrahl M
44  Stinking Gas M
44  Mandibular Bite S
46  Magnetite Cloud M
46  Geist Wall M
46  Awful Eye M
48  Refueling M
48  Blood Saber M
48  Sickle Slash B
48  Jettatura M
50  Ice Break M
50  Self-Destruct M
50  Frightful Roar M
52  Cold Wave M
Lvl  Spell Type
52  Filamented Hold M
54  Hecatomb Wave M
54  Radiant Breath M
56  Feather Barrier M
58  Magic Fruit M
58  Flying Hip Press M
58  Light of Penance M
60  Death Scissors S
60  Dimensional Death B
60  Spiral Spin S
61  Maelstrom M
61  Eyes On Me M
61  Seedspray S
61  Bad Breath M
62  Memento Mori M
62  Body Slam B
62  1000 Needles M
63  Spinal Cleave S
63  Frenetic Rip B
63  Frypan B
63  Hydro Shot B
64  Feather Tickle M
64  Yawn M
64  Voracious Trunk M
65  Infrasonics M
65  Zephyr Mantle M
66  Frost Breath M
66  Sandspray M
66  Corrosive Ooze M
67  Diamondhide M
67  Enervation M
68  Warm-Up M
68  Firespit M
69  Tail Slap B
69  Hysteric Barrage B
69  Regurgitation M
70  Amplification M
70  Cannonball B
70  Asuran Claws B
71  Lowing M
71  Heat Breath M
71  Triumphant Roar M
72  Sub-zero Smash B
72  Disseverment P
72  Saline Coat M
73  Ram Charge B
73  Mind Blast M
73  Temporal Shift M
74  Actinic Burst M
74  Magic Hammer M
74  Reactor Cool M
75  Exuviation M
75  Plasma Charge M
Lvl  Spell Type
75  Vertical Cleave S
76  Plenilune Embrace M
77  Acrid Stream M
77  Leafstorm M
78  Cimicine Discharge M
78  Regeneration M
79  Animating Wail M
79  Battery Charge M
80  Blazing Bound M
80  Demoralizing Roar M
81  Final Sting S
81  Goblin Rush B
82  Vanity Dive S
82  Magic Barrier M
83  Whirl of Rage S
83  Benthic Typhoon P
84  Auroral Drape M
84  Osmosis M
85  Quadratic Continuum P
85  Fantod M
86  Thermal Pulse M
87  Empty Thrash S
87  Dream Flower M
88  Occultation M
88  Charged Whisker M
89  Winds of Promyvion M
89  Delta Thrust S
90  Everyone's Grudge M
90  Reaving Wind M
91  Barrier Tusk M
91  Mortal Ray M
92  Heavy Strike B
92  Water Bomb M
93  Dark Orb M
94  White Wind M
95  Harden Shell M
95  Sudden Lunge B
95  Thunderbolt M
96  Quadrastrike S
96  Vapor Spray M
96  Absolute Terror M
97  Thunder Breath M
97  Gates of Hades M
97  Tourbillion B
98  Orcish Counterstance M
98  Amorphic Spikes P
98  Pyric Bulwark M
99  Wind Breath M
99  Barbed Crescent S
99  Bilgestorm B
99  Bloodrake S

※: Requires Unbridled Knowledge*(See above note about this ability) to be active.

M  Magic B  Blunt P  Piercing S  Slashing
M  Light Magic M  Fire Magic M  Lightning Magic M  Wind Magic
M  Dark Magic M  Earth Magic M  Water Magic M  Ice Magic

Acquiring Blue Magic

  • Blue Mages may learn special abilities used by the monsters that they, or their allies, defeat.
  • Blue Mage must be set as main job in order to learn Blue Magic.
  • A Blue Magic spell can be learned 30 or less Blue Magic Skill points below the skill cap of the spell's job level. See Blue Magic Skill for an in-depth explanation.
  • In order to learn a spell, the enemy must be claimed to the Blue Mage or his/her party or alliance at its time of death. If the enemy is not claimed to the Blue Mage, party or alliance at its time of death, the spell cannot be learned.
  • The monster must attempt to use the ability ("The monster readies <Spell>.") in order for it to be learned.
  • It is not necessary for the Blue Mage to be the target of the ability, for the Blue Mage to perform any action upon the enemy, nor for the ability to fully execute (it may miss, have no effect, be stunned, intimidated or paralyzed) in order for it to be learned.
  • Blue Magic cannot be learned if the Blue Mage is K.O.'d at the time that the enemy is defeated. However, it is possible to learn the spell if the Blue Mage is raised before the monster is defeated.
  • Blue Magic cannot be learned if the Blue Mage is outside of EXP range at the time that the monster is defeated ("You are too far receive experience points"). However, it is possible to enter EXP range, even from a different zone and even after the monster has used the ability, and still learn it.
  • It is possible to learn spells from monsters that check as Too Weak.
  • It is possible to learn Blue Magic from Dynamis, even if a member of your alliance did not land the killing blow. Verification Needed
  • It is possible to learn Blue Magic if Call For Help has been used on the target. Verification Needed
  • It is easier to learn a Blue Magic spell if you are a higher level than the monster you are fighting.Verification Needed

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 45 Cap at Level 90
 Sword A- 6 138 354
 Club B- 5 138 325
 Evasion C- 5 128 305
 Parrying D 4 122 280

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 45 Cap at Level 90
 Blue Magic A+ 6 138 361

See Blue Mage Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of Weapon Skill limits.

Artifact Equipment

To see a side by side comparison of Artifact/Relic sets visit Blue Mage Artifact/Relic Sets Comparison.
Artifact Set
Level Artifact
40  Immortal's Scimitar
52  Magus Charuqs
54  Magus Shalwar
56  Magus Bazubands
58  Magus Jubbah
60  Magus Keffiyeh
Artifact Set +1
Level Artifact
74  Magus Keffiyeh +1
74  Magus Jubbah +1
74  Magus Bazubands +1
74  Magus Shalwar +1
74  Magus Charuqs +1
Relic Set
Level Relic
70  Mirage Mantle
71  Mirage Charuqs
72  Mirage Shalwar
73  Mirage Bazubands
74  Mirage Jubbah
75  Mirage Keffiyeh

Relic Set +1
Level Relic
75  Mirage Keffiyeh +1
75  Mirage Jubbah +1
75  Mirage Bazubands +1
75  Mirage Shalwar +1
75  Mirage Charuqs +1

Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Weapons
Level Weapon
75  Tizona (Mythic)
80  Almace (Empyrean)
Empyrean Set/+1/+2
Level Empyrean
80  Mavi Scarf
81  Mavi Basmak / +1 / +2
83  Mavi Tayt / +1 / +2
84  Mavi Tathlum
85  Mavi Kavuk / +1 / +2
87  Mavi Bazubands / +1 / +2
89  Mavi Mintan / +1 / +2
90  Mavi Earring

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