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Bastok Markets (S)

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Bastok Markets [S]
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Hobbies Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region The Gustaberg Front
Expansion Wings of the Goddess
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Thunder of the March"
Notes None

During the Crystal War, Bastok Markets was re-enforced with multiple lines of defense such as the Friederich Gun Battery after the devastating loss of Port Bastok to the Sahagin's demolition tactics. After the Metalworks were placed under the jurisdiction of the military and entrance to Bastok Mines was restricted due to the movements of the Quadav, Bastok Markets became the wartime hub of the republic.


North Gustaberg (S) at (G-3)

[edit] Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Proper Burial General Offa    Bastok Markets F-10
A Jeweler's Lament General Wahid (S)    Bastok Markets (S) J-9
Beneath the Mask Storyline Nicolaus    Bastok Markets (S)
Better Part of Valor Storyline Wolfram    North Gustaberg (S)
Burden of Suspicion Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
Fire in the Hole Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
Fires of Discontent Storyline Engelhart    Bastok Markets (S) K-10
Hammering Hearts General Scarred Shark    Bastok Markets (S) G-5
Honor Under Fire Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
Light in the Darkness Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
On Sabbatical SCH AF Erlene    The Eldieme Necropolis (S) J-8
Quelling the Storm Storyline Klara    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
Storm on the Horizon Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
The Fighting Fourth Campaign Sign-up Adelbrecht    Bastok Markets (S) E-8
Too Many Chefs General Ferghus    Metalworks G-9
What Price Loyalty Storyline Gentle Tiger (S)    Bastok Markets (S) H-6
Mission Nation Starter Location
Back to the Beginning WotG ---    ---

[edit] Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
Tricolored Carp
27 Water Storage/South Side
Gold Carp
Moat Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Information Needed Waterway/North Side
Fishing Map

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Adelbrecht (E-8) Campaign Enlistment
Adelheid Sturm (H-7) Campaign General
Adelinde (H-6)
Adjutant (J-9)
Angry Bull (H-10)
Annabelle (F-8) Campaign Evaluator
Aurelius (E-8)
Bartholomaus Krueger (L-8) Campaign General
Benjamin (F-9)
Bhio Fehriata (I-9) Title Changer
Biggorf (H-10)
Blingbrix (I-7) Standard Merchant
Bottomless Gorge (F-8)
Christoph (H-7)
Clemens (I-10)
Drangord (F-11)
Dunbaff (J-10)
Eleonore (H-9)
Elivira Gogol (G-10) Campaign General
Else (E-11) Campaign General
Engelhart (K-10) Quest Giver
Fridolin (E-8)
Friedhold (D-11)
Gentle Tiger (H-6)
Helmfried (L-9)
Heumila (I-8) Past Event Watcher
Hieronymus (E-8) Campaign Ops
Hinrich (F-8) Campaign Intel Advisor
Invincible Shield (G-4) Campaign General
Isabella (E-9) Supply Commander
Jagaris (I-6) Armor Storer
Karlotte (I-7) Item Deliverer
Kasper (G-8)
Keenan (G-8) Allied Notes Notorious Monsters
Kevan (F-9) Sealed Container Collector
Name Location Type
Kilhwch (E-11)
Kurt (L-9) Campaign General
Laurentia (D-11)
Loussaire (G-10) SCH Artifact Quest Starter
Ludwig Eichberg (H-10) Campaign General
Matthias (J-9)
Magdalena (F-8)
Mariette (G-9)
Maximilian Berger (D-11) Campaign General
Melina (H-5) Chocobo Renter
Millard, I.M. (G-4) Sigil Giver
Minna (I-6)
Narkissa, C.A. (E-8) Campaign Arbiter
Nudara (I-8)
Pagdako (H-9)
Paul (H-5)
Offa (F-10)
Quartermaster (H-9)
Radford (H-6) Mission NPC
Raginmund (L-10)
Red Canyon (H-4)
Rusted Musket (H-4)
Roaring Badger (I-9)
Rolf (G-5)
Scarred Shark (G-5) Quest Giver
Sonia (E-8) Campaign General
Striking Bull (H-10) Campaign General
Ulla (E-11)
Waldemar, I.M. (G-4) Allied Campaign Assessment;Retrace
Weldon (H-6) Item Deliverer
Wilhelmina (I-9)
Zazarg (H-5)

[edit] Event Monsters Found Here

Campaign: Republican Army of Bastok, Quadav Shieldwarriors, Dark Kindred


  • Area is a possible target for Campaign if Bastok loses control of all other areas to the Beastman Confederate.
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