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Adventurer's Assistant

These are NPCs that provides various information about the game or location that you are at:

Info Provided Name Location
 New Player
 Tutorial NPC
 Selele  Windurst Woods K-10
 Gulldago  Bastok Markets D-11
 Alaune  Southern San d'Oria G-10
 Gardening  Valah Molkot  Port Bastok J-12
 Kuu Mohzolhi  Northern San d'Oria F-8
 Ojha Rhawash  Windurst Walls C-13
 Zona Shodhun  Port Jeuno E-8
 Linkshells  Patricius  Metalworks H-8
 Foletta  Southern San d'Oria I-11
 Eki Kamalabi  Port Windurst H-9
 Ratoto  Upper Jeuno H-10
 Auction House  Hound Nose  Bastok Mines H-8
 Rock Jaw  Bastok Markets E-8
 Gournaie  Port San d'Oria I-10
 Simmie  Southern San d'Oria I-9
 Kobunono  Windurst Walls I-11
 Palyalya  Windurst Woods J-12
 Diradour  Ru'Lude Gardens F-8
 Honorine  Lower Jeuno I-7
 Constellations  Kaela  Metalworks I-8
 Adaunel  Southern San d'Oria K-9
 Lago-Charago  Windurst Waters F-8
 Julio  Bastok Markets M-9
 Villion  Northern San d'Oria F-3
 Yuhito-Kubhito  Port Windurst E-7
 Noragu-Meragu  Port Windurst E-8
 Vaghron  Bastok Mines H-9
 Guilboire  Southern San d'Oria D-7
 Tico Karimakiba  Windurst Woods K-5
 Overview Map:
 Arva  Bastok Mines H-7
 Dulsie  Port Bastok J-12
 Quasim  Metalworks G-8
 Reet  Bastok Markets G-7
 Overview Map:
 San d'Oria
 Bricorsant  Port San d'Oria H-8
 Daveille  Northern San d'Oria D-8/9
 Luthiaque  Southern San d'Oria G-9
 Overview Map:
 Jack of Clubs  Port Windurst L-4
 Jack of Diamonds  Windurst Walls C-13
 Jack of Hearts  Windurst Waters G-9
 Jack of Spades  Windurst Woods H-10
 Overview Map:
 Biora  Lower Jeuno H-7
 Edlina  Upper Jeuno I-10
 Kayle  Ru'Lude Gardens H/I-9
 Marnie  Port Jeuno G-8
 Merit Points  Nomad Moogle  Ru'Lude Gardens H-5
 Fishing  Laughing Lizard  Port Windurst C-8
 fighting, trading,
 shopping, etc.
 Dry Bone  Bastok Mines G-7
 Epione  Bastok Markets G-8
 Ihsan  Port Bastok H-6
 Ailevia  Southern San d'Oria I-9
 Avandale  Port San d'Oria F-10
 Ceraule  Southern San d'Oria G-9
 Coderiant  Southern San d'Oria F-8
 Nonterene  Northern San d'Oria I-10
 Anja-Enja  Windurst Waters F-12
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