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Adelheid Sturm

[[{{SUBST:Adelheid Sturm}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Adelheid Sturm}}|   ]]
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Adelheid Sturm
Gender: Female
Race: Hume
Job: Scholar
Affiliation: Bastok (S)
Occupation: Scout Captain
[[{{SUBST:Adelheid Sturm}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Adelheid Sturm}}|   ]]
Type: NPC
Location: Bastok Markets (S) (H-7)

Involved in Quests:


  • Seen eavesdropping in several Bastok Crystal War quests.

"...Heavy infantry, five columns of 200... Two 100-knight regiments... Enemy force casualties estimated at 5,000... Oh, I apologize, soldier. I've spent the past few nights preparing for a joint operation with San d'Oria's Royal Knights."


The name "Adelheid Sturm" can actually be seen as a clever pun. Adelheid is a proper name, but "Adel" is phonetically identical to the English word "addle", meaning to confuse, and "heid" is very similar to the German ending "-heit", which is an ending expressing state of being. "-heit" does not have a direct English translation but is roughly equivalent to the English ending "-ness", although in practice it is not always translated. (E.g. with the word "Krankenheit", meaning "sickness", the -heit is carried over to English, but for "Sicherheit", German for "safety", the -heit does not survive the translation intact.) "Sturm" is the German word for "Storm". Thus, with a little imagination, one can get "Addle Storm", or even "Addling Storm", out of her name; a fitting description given her fighting technique and a worthy pun that rivals the gil reward from The Miraculous Dale.

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