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Abyssea - La Theine

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Abyssea - La Theine
Type Outdoor
Map Acquisition Purchase
Region Abyssea
Expansion Vision of Abyssea
Requirements Rise of the Zilart, Wings of the Goddess, Vision of Abyssea
Restrictions Cannot call Adventuring Fellow (npc Friend) or Chocobo
Background music
Notes Tractor will cause player to lose Visitant Status
Base Camp at (E-3)
Central Camp at (H-7)
Southeastern Camp at (L-11)

Once an idyllic plateau, this area has been twisted into a hellish nightmare of its former self by the unrelenting Abyssean hordes. What San d'Orian survivors there are now hide in the various alcoves scattered throughout the plateau.


La Theine Plateau: via Cavernous Maw (D-4).

[edit] Abyssea - La Theine Quests

Quest Fame Starter Location Rewards Type
  A Goldstruck Gigas 1 Ragemont La Theine Plateau Varies General
  Refuel and Replenish (La Theine) 1 Machine Outfitter Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor General-Repeatable
  Catering Capers 1 Regine Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor General-Repeatable
  Fear of the Dark III 1 Secodiand Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor General-Repeatable
  Gift of Light 1 Amaura Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor/Hi-Reraiser General-Repeatable
  Unbreak His Heart 1 Joulet Central Encampment (H-7) Cruor General-Repeatable
  The Angling Armorer 1 Exoroche Central Encampment (H-7) Cruor General-Repeatable
  A Mightier Martello (La Theine) 2 Machine Outfitter Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor General-Repeatable
  Explosive Endeavors 3 Fontoumant Central Encampment (H-7) Cruor General-Repeatable
  Water of Life 4 Miageau Southern Encampment (L-11) Cruor/Evolith General-Repeatable
  Lost Memories 5 Halver Southern Encampment (L-11) Cruor/Key ItemVial of Lambent Potion General-Repeatable
  An Eye for Revenge 5 Curilla Main Encampment (E-3) Cruor/Key ItemScarlet Abyssite of Furtherance General
  Out of Touch 6 Glenne Southern Encampment (L-11) Key ItemScarlet Abyssite of Kismet General

[edit] Notes

  • Refuel and Replenish quests are not counted as a quest in regards to the Abyssea objective: Complete All Quests.
  • See Reputation for details regarding fame.
  • See the Quick Reputation Guide for details on building fame posthaste.

[edit] Other Information

Item Abundance
Ash Log More data needed.(11.9%)
Arrowwood Log More data needed.(4.8%)
Beech Log More data needed.(9.5%)
Dogwood Log More data needed.(4.8%)
Fruit Seeds More data needed.(9.5%)
Oak Log More data needed.(4.8%)
Plateau Chestnut More data needed.(21.4%)
Teak Log More data needed.(11.9%)
Walnut Log More data needed.(21.4%)
Logging Map
Fish Cap Body of Water
Crayfish 7 All
Moat Carp 11
Giant Catfish 31
Dorado Gar ???
Blowfish ???
Pelazoea 97+
Crocodilos ??? Large Body of Water @ (H-7) near Conflux 4
Rusty Kunai 0
Rusty Spear 0
Rusty Shield 0
Gold Pyxis
Item Abundance
Jeweled Collar Augmented (Can contain up to 2) More data needed.(10%)
Rasetsu Jinpachi Augmented (Can contain up to 2) More data needed.(13.3%)
Tarutaru Sash Augmented (Can contain up to 2) More data needed.(6.7%)
Aisha: Ichi More data needed.(6.7%)
Army's Paeon VI More data needed.(3.3%)
Aspir II More data needed.(6.7%)
Foe Requiem VII More data needed.(6.7%)
Knight's Minne V Unknown
Protect V More data needed.(10%)
Stone V More data needed.(10%)
Water V More data needed.(3.3%)
Buffalo Meat More data needed.(6.7%)
Coeurl Meat More data needed.(10%)
Clarite Unknown
Dragon Meat More data needed.(6.7%)
Durium Ore Unknown
Earth Ore Unknown
Ebony Log More data needed.(3.3%)
Galateia More data needed.(3.3%)
Khroma Ore Unknown
Lacquer Tree Log More data needed.(3.3%)
Orichalcum Ore More data needed.(3.3%)
Phrygian Ore More data needed.(3.3%)
Star Sapphire Unknown
Urushi Unknown
Water Ore Unknown
Marbled Mutton Chop Key Item Unknown
Bloodied saber tooth Key Item Unknown
Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm Key Item Unknown
Pellucid Fly Eye Key Item Unknown
Shimmering Pixie Pinion Key Item Unknown
Warped Gigas Armband Key Item Unknown

[edit] NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Aaveleon J-9 Patrol
Amaura E-3 Quest NPC
Atma Infusionist E-3 Atma Infusionist
Callort E-4
Conflux Surveyor E-3 Conflux Surveyor
Cruor Prospector E-3 Cruor Prospector
Curilla E-4 Quest NPC
Danngogg E-4
Daveille E-4
Exoroche H-7 Quest NPC
Fontoumant H-7 Quest NPC
Fulchia E-4
Gallijaux L-11
Glenne L-11 Quest NPC
Guilerme E-3 Goal Tracker
Halver L-11 Quest NPC
Joulet H-7 Quest NPC
Louis E-4
Machine Outfitter E-3 Machine Outfitter
Miageau L-11 Quest NPC
Namonutice E-3 Reputation NPC
Regine E-3 Quest NPC
Rugiette H-7
Secodiand E-3 Quest NPC
Simmie E-3
Shomo Pochachilo H-7
Ufanne H-7
Veridical Conflux
Veridical Conflux #01 E-3 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #02 D-8 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #03 G-8 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #04 H-7 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #05 I-10 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #06 L-11 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #07 K-6 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #08 I-9 Teleport

[edit] Notorious Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Unknown Information Needed Avatars
Spawned by trading Trophy Shield to ??? @ (C-4)
Information Needed Nifty Mantle
Temporary Key Item Dented Gigas Shield
Baba Yaga
Spawned by trading Piceous Scale to ??? @ (H-7)
Information Needed Aristo Belt
Temporary Key Item Shimmering Pixie Pinion
Spawned by clicking ??? @ (G-6) with key items
Dented Gigas Shield, Warped Gigas Armband,
and Severed Gigas Collar
Information Needed Hakke Hachimaki
Inmicus Cuisses
Helm Of Briareus
Jewel of Voyage
Stone of Voyage
Briareus's Sash
Temporary Key Item Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm
Key Item Atma of the Stout Arm
Gigas Zone Boss
Spawned by clicking ??? @ (H-7) with key items
Pellucid Fly Eye and Shimmering Pixie Pinion
Information Needed Afflictors
Ryoshi Hachimaki
Teutates Subligar
Carabosse's Gem
Coin of Voyage
Card of Voyage
Temporary Key Item Glittering Pixie Choker
Key Item Atma of Allure
Chasmic Hornet
Located @ (F-8)
Information Needed Terebellum Mantle
Lancer's Torque
Chasmic Stinger
Key Item Scarlet Abyssite of Perspicacity
Bees A, T(S)
Dozing Dorian
Spawned by trading Dried Chigoe to ??? @ (L-6)
Information Needed Ultion Mantle
Key Item Atma of the Ebon Hoof
Spawned by trading Massive Armband to ??? @ (F-10)
Information Needed Cognition Belt
Temporary Key Item Severed Gigas Collar
Clicking ??? at K-8 with key items Marbled Mutton Chop, Glittering Pixie Choker, Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm and Bloodied saber tooth
Information Needed Matre Bragezenn
Harmony Cape
Timarli Dastanas
Key Item Atma of the Lion
Located around (G-9) - (H-9)
Information Needed Raider's Belt
Symbios Gloves
Spawned by fishing with Dried Squid as bait and key item Smoldering Crab Shell
Information Needed Nusku's Sash
Shitotsu Hachimaki
Key Item Atma of the Twin Claw
Keesha Poppo
Located @ (L-7)
Information Needed Keesha Poppo's pamama
Cirque Necklace
Susurrus Sabatons
Opo-opo A, S
La Theine Liege
Spawned by trading Transparent Insect Wing to ??? @ (I-7)
Information Needed Sharpeye Mantle
Temporary Key Item Pellucid Fly Eye
Spawned by trading Filthy Gnole Claw to ??? @ (G-11)
Information Needed Poise Shoes
Key Item Atma of the Baying Moon
Mangy-tailed Marvin
Located @ (D-6)
Information Needed Adler Ring
Orison Cape
Marvin's Pelage
Key Item Scarlet Abyssite of Lenity
Rabbits A, T(S)
Megamaw Mikey
Located @ (L-7)
Information Needed Aoidos' Belt
Plaga Scythe
Mikey's Silver Nugget
Key Item Atma of Tremors
Worms A, S
Spawned by trading Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang to ??? @ (C-7)
Information Needed Tumbler Trunks
Temporary Key Item Bloodied saber tooth
Key Item Atma of the Savage Tiger
Fished from pond @ (H-7)
Information Needed Mavi Scarf
Temporary Key Item Smoldering Crab Shell
Crabs T(H)
Information Needed Bullwhip Belt
Shaolin Belt
Augur's Jaseran
Stone of Voyage
Card of Voyage
Yovra Organ
Temporary Key Item Scarlet Abyssite of Sojourn
Permanent Key Item Atma of the Heavens
Spawned by trading Winter Puk Egg to ??? @ (J-11)
Information Needed Ruffian Leggings Puks
Spawned by trading Oversized Sock to ??? @ (F-7)
Information Needed Arctier's Torque
Temporary Key Item Warped Gigas Armband
Located @ (E-7)
Information Needed Navarch's Choker
Seigneur Shield
Birds A, T(S)
Poroggo Dom Juan
Spawned by trading Bug-eaten Hat to ??? @ (J-11)
Information Needed Barcarolle Medal
Dried Squid
Toppling Tuber
Spawned by trading Giant Agaricus Mushroom to ??? @ (F-7)
Information Needed Cognizant Belt Funguars
Trudging Thomas
Spawned by trading Raw Mutton Chop to ??? @ (J-8)
Information Needed Fortis Mantle
Key Item Marbled Mutton Chop
Voidwalker NM's
Spawned by resting with a Key ItemClear Demilune Abyssite
Information Needed Key ItemColorful Demilune Abyssite Seethers VNM T1
Spawned by resting with a Key ItemColorful Demilune Abyssite
Information Needed Serpentes Sabots
Libeccio Mantle
Key ItemScarlet Demilune Abyssite
Thinkers VNM T2
Spawned by resting with a Key ItemScarlet Demilune Abyssite
Information Needed Hochomasamune
Kensho Hachimaki
Heafoc Mitts
Key Item Atma of Eternity
Thinkers VNM T3
A = Aggressive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound; HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing; JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills;Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime
Common Enemies Notorious Monsters
Hammering Ram
Raw Mutton Chop*
Trudging Thomas
Marbled Mutton Chop
Angler Tiger
Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang*
Bloodied Saber Tooth
Bathyal Gigas
Trophy Shield*
Dented Gigas Shield
Quest NM
Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm
Hadal Gigas
Oversized Sock*
Warped Gigas Armband
Demersal Gigas
Massive Armband*
Severed Gigas Collar
Plateau Glider
Transparent Insect Wing*
La Theine Liege
Pellucid Fly Eye
Glittering Pixie Choker
Piceous Scale*
Baba Yaga
Shimmering Pixie Pinion

Items marked with a * can be bought on the Auction House.
Items in italics are key items that can drop from the NM.

[edit] Regular Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
Angler Tiger
Information Needed Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang Tigers 18 A, S, Sc
Bathyal Gigas
~79-88 Trophy Shield Gigas 19 A, L, S
Black Merino
Information Needed Dried Chigoe Sheep 20 S, Sc
Brae Opo-Opo
Information Needed Information Needed Opo-opo Information Needed L, S, Sc
Information Needed Giant Agarious Mushroom Funguars 11
~74-84 Forbidden Key Poroggos 23 L, H
Crepuscule Puk
~74-88Information Needed Winter Puk Egg
Puk Egg
Puk Wing
Puks 22 A, S, H
Demersal Gigas
Information Needed Massive Armband Gigas 19 A, L, S
Ephemeral Clionid
~77+Information Needed Clionid Wing Clionid 13 A, HP?
Ephemeral Limule
~74-80 Limule 13 L
85-90 Lambent Scale
Piceous Scale
Pixies 20
~75-?? Bird Egg
Bird Feather
Forbidden Key
Birds 21 L, H
78~82Information Needed Limule Pincer Limule 47 A, H, M
Great Wasp
Information Needed Bees 22 A, S, Sc
Hadal Gigas
~78-82 Oversized Sock
Gigas Socks
Gigas Necklace
Gigas 19 A, L, S
Hammering Ram
Information Needed Raw Mutton Chop Rams 22
Irate Sheep
Information Needed Sheep 25 L
Information Needed Filthy Gnole Claw Gnoles 23
Pasture Funguar
82-87 Funguars 10 L, H
Plateau Glider
~80Information Needed Transparent Insect Wing Flies 16
Plateau Hare
Information Needed Rabbits 19 L
Poroggo Seducteur
Information Needed Bug-eaten Hat Poroggos 17 A
~77+ Corpselights 21 A, H, HP
Rock Grinder
Information Needed Worms 22 L
Sentinel Crab
Caught by fishing
75+ Information Needed Crabs ? A
Sturdy Pyxis
Information Needed Mimics 4
Veld Clionid
~75-83 Clionid Wing
Clionid Wing Clionid 46 A, HP
A = Aggressive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound; HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing; JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills;Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime
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