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Abby Jalunshi

[[{{SUBST:Abby Jalunshi}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Abby Jalunshi}}|   ]]
Abby Jalunshi.jpg
Abby Jalunshi
Gender: Female
Race: Mithra
Affiliation: Windurst
Occupation: Residence Renter
[[{{SUBST:Abby Jalunshi}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Abby Jalunshi}}|   ]]
Type: MogHouse Watcher
Location: Windurst Woods (F-8)


Checking Abby_Jalunshi will start a conversation with her about Mog Houses. She give you 2 options to start-

*Nothing in General
*Ask for an explanation on Mog houses.

If you choose the "Nothing in General option, she will just say: "Oh Well, Your Loss" and turn away. If you choose the Other option she says: "A mogHouse is your own personal apartment room provided for your convienience. Within your MogHouse you can store items, change jobs, and heal up any HP or MP

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